Why You Should Learn a Foreign Language

by Noreen Arzadon

Photo: @danielcgold

No man is an island. No matter how reserved we are, we can never escape the need to communicate well with others. In fact, we may not realize it but good communication plays a vital role in every aspect of our lives.

Be it in music, written works or in new media, language plays a crucial role in communication and it serves as a vehicle for us to express ourselves to the rest of the world.

Learning a new language helps us get our thoughts across and in turn have better communication with people. However, learning a foreign language is not an easy feat to conquer, it also requires dedication, time and hard work. Then again, the advantages definitely outweighs the negatives in learning a new skill.

One cannot stress enough how big the role of a language is in building relationships. Knowing a foreign language gives us confidence in starting conversations and have better rapport with a diverse lot of people.

Finding yourself in a rut? Foreign language study is another way for us to exercise our brains and improve our cognitive skills. It also boosts our creativity as we learn to improvise our own techniques and style that will enable us to relate with and understand the language that we’re trying to learn.

Fancy travelling? What a better way to enjoy a trip than to be able to connect better with the locals by learning their native tongue. Not only will we be able to relate better with them, locals may love us even better as they can see the effort and hard work that we put in speaking their language.

Dealing with foreign clients at work? Looking for a job opportunity abroad? Knowing a foreign language gives us a competitive edge and may also help in the advancement of our career. Aside from this, it also makes us a more valuable and marketable employee in our chosen field.

Fan of k-dramas and other foreign shows? But always lost in translation and sick of reading subtitles? Studying another language for leisure is also a fun way for us to immerse ourselves better in what we enjoy. It will also be a great chance for us to learn better and understand their culture.



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