Use of cable cars viable to ease Manila’s traffic

Photo: Palafoxassociates

Using cable cars as alternative mode of transportation in Metro Manila is “feasible” and will ease Metro Manila traffic, an urban planner said on October 14, Monday.

Architect Felino Palafox Jr. said a cable car could ferry 10 people compared to the ridership of cars which is 1.6 per car.

“Maybe cable cars from Antipolo going to Ortigas, Makati. It’s feasible, they have done that in many countries,” he said in an interview.

“Car ownership used to be privilege of the few, now it’s expectation of majority. You cannot control the ownership of cars but you can regulate the use of cars.”

Arch. Palafox used Manhattan, New York as an example, where car owners need to pay every time they move their vehicle to another parking space. He also cited Singapore, where in the residents must show garage proof before purchasing a car.

Similar to Singapore’s law, a legislation is pending at the Senate, which states ‘No garage, no car’.

The government must focus on urban planning, land use, transportation planning, traffic engineering, and traffic management to ease traffic problems in the Metro, he added.

Furthermore, Palafox proposed to build an elevated walkway along EDSA and pedestrian bridges across Pasig River, Marikina River, and San Juan River to promote walkability, which he insisted was a basis for attaining a first world country.

“We’re still a third world country because one of the reasons is our leaders, both in government and business, still take their cars, not the public transit,” he added.