US to reinforce troops in oil-rich east Syria


US defense official said that Washington started sending reinforcements to oil-rich eastern Syria on Saturday.

The official told Agence France-Presse, that from Iraq, 13 vehicles of military convoy with American flags crossed the war-torn country and had more military troops in Hassakeh province with the help of Kurdish fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces.
200 US troops are now stationed in Deir Ezzor province but President Donald Trump orders a pullout from Syria’s northern border, paving the way for a long-feared Turkish invasion. There are also checkpoints through Qamishli, de facto capital of Washington’s Kurdish allies.
They are trying to prevent the Islamic State group and other factors from having an access in the area’s oil field that was under control of jihadist group before.
Trump did the specific action to secure the oil. Meanwhile, Russia says that it is an “international banditry.”
Russia Defense Ministry said, “What Washington is currently doing — seizing and placing under control the oil fields of eastern Syria — is simply international banditry.” It emphasized that oil resources exclusively belong to the Syrian Arab Republic.