Underrated Manila Destinations That Should Be On Your Travel Bucket List

by Ayn Lopez


With the muddled adult life – constantly juggling between career, personal, family and social lives, isn’t it nice to just get away from it all? Thankfully, we now have a lot of hidden gems that are just a few hours away from Manila that deserve to be on your travel bucket list!

Maligcong Rice Terraces

Maligcong is a Kankana-ey term meaning “surrounded by rice paddies” and is considered to be one of the most beautiful in the entire Cordillera region. This hidden paradise in paradise in the Mountain Province is located in the upper barangay of Bontoc, just a 30-minute jeepney ride from the city proper.

Best time to visit is from May-July, when the rice paddies are at their greenest. You can either join tour groups or plan your own itinerary! You may want to check this out to get started with your Maligcong experience: https://www.lakwatsero.com/info/itinerary-info/maligcong-a-diy-weekend-itinerary-2d1n-itinerary-expenses-and-tips/#sthash.cUm17YPG.dpbs

Jomalig Island

If you’re looking for a different kind of adventure and is in it for the long travel, Jomalig Island is for you. This wonderful island in the heart of Real, Quezon is not easy to find – you will have to endure the 4-5 hours travel from Manila to Quezon, a quick tricycle ride and a 5-hour boat ride from Real to Jomalig Island. But it’s all worth it because you get to visit over 5 tourist points in one island for as low as P3, 500 per person. Get tips in planning your Jomalig Island tour here: https://jontotheworld.com/jomalig-island-budget-diy-travel-guide/


If you’re looking for more than just beaches, then Dingalan in Aurora might be the place for you. It’s a total package for adventure-seekers that offers a wide variety of activities such as hiking, trekking, exploring caves and waterfalls and beaches. Click here for a quick tour: https://www.tripzilla.ph/dingalan-aurora-travel-guide/5141

Fortune Island

Experience Greece without actually having to fly out of the country! Fortune Island is located just a few hours away from Manila. This beauty in Batangas used to be a private island that ceased operations in 2006, leaving an acropolis in a cliff overlooking the sea. Plus, you may want to include side trips to Nasugbu, as well. Start planning that quick Batangas getaway here: https://www.thepoortraveler.net/2017/04/fortune-island-batangas-guide/.