UAE’s e-cigaratte and sugar infused drinks to cost more on December 1

Photo: @ramosadboy

The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) announced that new selective tax on electronic cigarettes including tools and sucrose infused beverages would take effect this year.

Two cabinet decisions and the Ministry of Finance mandates that all producers, importers, and retailers of e-smoking devices and its liquids, and sweetened beverages should register in the authority’s system, insisted by the FTA.

The department warned that establishment, violators will be penalized if they do not complete their registration process.

Meanwhile, all electronic devices, tools, and liquids, whether they contain nicotine or tobacco will be classified on import under Customs HS (Harmonized system) codes, 85437031, 85437032, 85437039.

Furthermore, any product that consists sugar including concentrates, gels, powers, extracts, or any of products that can be converted into a sweetened drink, shall be included in the new selective tax of UAE.