UAE youth reminds to stay away from TikTok dares

Photo: techcrunch

The youth is urging their fellows and other teens who use TikTok to keep the ‘restricted mode’ on, so they won’t be dragged into dangerous social media challenges.

The surfacing challenge requires participants to strangle themselves and hold the longest in order to win.

A UAE-based mother shared a story, which gathered comments online, when she founded out that her son participated in the said challenge and bruised his neck.

This dare initially surfaced in 2014 on a different social media platform, now, it has gained popularity with the hashtag #PassOutChallenge in TikTok, registering 1.4 million views.

“Students do these challenges because they think it makes them ‘look cool’ and they feel like it gives them superiority. They have the fear of missing out and want to be a part of what is trending. I think, in order for children and teens to be safer, everyone involved needs to ensure that the app’s restricted mode is always on. I don’t think teens realize how dangerous some of these challenges can be,” Alia Naidj, a 16 year old French high school student from Dubai.

Another student urge their fellows such as Yevhenii Fomenko, said he tells his friend not to engage in dangerous social media challenges.

“I don’t do them myself but a lot of my friends do and they are very interested in participating in these challenges. It’s not the best thing they can be doing because a lot of them are dangerous, especially on TikTok if they are using it without the restricted mode.”

TikTok updated several safety features after it faced criticism over inappropriate content available to children. It has a feature called ‘restricted mode’, which filters out inappropriate content, as well as comment filters and screen time management.