Typhoon Hagibis hits across Tokyo, Japan

Photo: Kyodo via Reuters

The most powerful typhoon hit Japan, killing at least 10 people. Several people were reported to be missing as the typhoon triggers landslides and floods. Furthermore, almost half a million homes are powerless.

The powerful storm unleashes heavy rain and strong winds that cause authorities to issue a non-compulsory evacuation orders to more than 6 million people.

Moreover, at least 100 people had been reported to suffer an injury and some 425,000 homes are powerless, the government said.

Meanwhile, Japanese Prime Minister Shonzo Abe shared his condolences to the families from those who died.

He added, “The government will do everything in its power to cooperate with relevant agencies to restore services as soon as possible.”

Tokyo’s returning to its daily basis with stores and trains resuming operations. The helicopter buzz and wailing of fire truck sirens was a signal that emergency services are still working to help the residents of Japan.