Sustainable City welcomes public in Dubai Fitness Challenge

by John Carlo Bogayan


The third edition of the Dubai Fitness Challenge (DFC) will commence on November 1 in Sustainable City, the organizers are inviting the public to partake in this dynamic exercises and exciting events for families and friends.

During the first days, the Sustainable City will be hosting a community fitness hub, welcoming families and residents from across Dubai and featuring a variety of sports activities and classes.

Furthermore, holding horseback riding lessons and events, with the aim to introduce the largest number of people to the sport as well as invite enthusiasts from across the Emirate to participate.

In partnership with Emirates Nature, The Sustainable City will be hosting a ‘Wild Workout’ where the entire family can enjoy a 30-minute walking or jogging exercise around the farm area while enjoying the surroundings and the newly expanded animal sanctuary. In this case, not only human can enjoy because bringing pets will be allowed in the event.

Lastly, a collaboration with Team Angel Wolf offers inclusive sports activities with People with Determination.

This event also marks the opening of the green field, the plaza, the cycling and jogging track, and the equestrian center.