Subtle,Unforgettable things do in Hong Kong

By Yodel Berdin

Montane Mansion
Photo Credits: Jaylie Wong/Flickr

Hong Kong is famous for its cinematic and picturesque sceneries that is why it is called the skyscraper city of the world. For tourists, a travel to Hong Kong would be something novel and exciting even in a span of a few days.

With over a million tourists every year, here are some unforgettable things to do while you’re in Hong Kong.

Architecture and Art

In a place like Hong Kong every angle has value, therefore a camera is a must have. Hong Kong has been a location of hundreds of films both from the east and west featuring the country’s geometric architecture and layout.

Photo Credits: Yodel Berdin

If you wish to feel that cinematic vibe take a short visit at the famous Montane Mansion in Quarry Bay which might be the star of Hong Kong’s most Instagrammed residential building yet, the swirling staircase of Lai Tak Tsuen building, or the Choi Hung Rainbow Estate, also so called Rainbow building in Kowloon.

Photo Credits: Jaylie Wong/Flickr


If you would ask people the best food to eat while you’re at HK, it would be the “hot pot” where vegetables, meat, seafood and fish balls are boiled at the right heat partnered with a variety of dipping sauce, and that one savory taste will make everything else follow.

Photo Credits: Yodel Berdin

Pecking Duck at Tsim Sha Tsui, wontons and noodles, the Dim Sums at Sham Shui Po, Egg Tarts at the Central and more are some of the foods you can try to encapsulate the essence of the long-perfected cuisine in Hong Kong.

Parks, Piers and the Peak

Hong Kong gives special care of their ecological parks where you can take a break for the fast-phased rush of the city and relax with nature. Ocean park is one popular destination with a large sea world, aviary, pandas and animals, a reincarnation of the old Hong Kong way back 1950’s serves as an interactive site to tourists. “The Peak”, where the famous “tram” (old style train used during the British occupation) is operating, offers another wide-angle view of Hong Kong is breath taking.

Photo Credits: Yodel Berdin

It’s good to give a night stroll along Victoria Harbor (Star Ferry Pier) at Tsim Sha Tsui, a subtle way to view the city lights panorama of Hong Kong. As the locals say, you can’t leave Hong Kong without a shot of the Harbor Pier. Busking musicians and artists also perform in the area where the right song can make you think of many realizations like how you want to extend your stay in Hong Kong.