Start saving early with National Bonds

by Carissa Garcia


World Savings Day is coming. This is celebrated all over the world to promote the habit of being thrifty, saving and its importance and benefits to every individual and its relevance and impact in the world.

In line with this, the National Bonds invites everyone to take part and start saving early for as low as AED 100!

National Bonds is one of the leading investment companies, which provides credible and safe savings opportunity for UAE residents, non-residents, and UAE Nationals. It was established in March 2006 and owned by the Investment Corporation of Dubai, the official investment arm of Dubai Government.

“The UAE continues to enjoy the largest proportion of regular savers in the GCC, and what should buck the trend is the fact that a lot of residents have begun to understand the advantages of starting to save early on in life. If the habit of saving money gets ingrained at an early stage, the chances of leading a successful career and a happy life are far greater,” Mohammed Qasim Al Ali, CEO, National Bonds Corporation said.

There are lots of questions on when you can start saving, how you can save, and what are the benefits of saving.

Over the years, National Bonds has already helped many people in promoting financial literacy, not just for the Emiratis but the Filipinos as well. Last April 2019, Susan C, who is working for more than 16 years in UAE, a 57 years old who holds a managerial position was very surprised when she won AED 100,000 in the National Bonds draw for savers. She is a regular saver.

“AED 10,000 and initial savings ko. Malaki ang advantage, may monthly draw at quarterly, mas marami kang savings, mas marami ang chance na manalo ka at mag earn. Ni-recommend ko na rin sa mga kakilala kong Filipinos ang National Bonds. Kahit anong mangyari, ano man ang economic status sa UAE, lagi kang may fall back. Saving is also a responsibility,“ Susan said.

(My initial savings is AED 10,000. There’s a huge advantage to win in monthly and quarterly draws if you have more savings. It is also an advantage to earn a lot. I recommended National Bonds to my Filipino colleagues and friends. Whatever happens in UAE’s economy, you’ll always have a fall back. Saving is also a responsibility.)

 Up to date, there are over 48,500 Filipinos who are saving their money with National Bonds. Almost 16,200 customers have won prize amounting to AED 12,918,700.

This World Savings Day, learn how to prioritize spending and know more about saving. Invest with the National Bonds.  Visit or call 60 522 279 for more details.