Star City shuts down for Christmas after fire

Photo: Fire Alert Metro Manila

Star City, the most accessible and affordable amusement park in the Metro is closed on Christmas season after it was hit by fire Wednesday morning, October 2.

The blaze lasted for about 4 hours damaging at least 80 percent of the 3.5-hectare land area. According to reports, the fire broke out around 12:20AM (MNL time) Wednesday, and immediately reached fire alarm Task Force Bravo, which is a call out for all fire stations to send their available fire trucks to the site.

The fire quickly spread onto the building of the amusement park. The flames also damaged neighboring facilities, Manila Broadcasting Corporation.

MBC said in a statement that DZRH, their pioneer radio station will be back on-air after two days. Fortunately, FM stations of MBC were spared by the fire.

“Star City, which was hardest hit by the fire, will be closed through the Christmas season,” MBC added in the statement.

The Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) is now investigating the cause of the fire. The bureau is considering factors like faulty wire and arson.

On the other hand, vice president for human resources and admin services of Star City assured that they will work on retrieving files of their employee.