Dubai 2017 – Week 1

by Cornell Wallace

The Rock Legacy continues with the 3rd Annual Rocktoberfest kicking off last October 3, and there was not a disappointed person in the crowd. 

The first of four feature bands to play every Friday, this month, was Greyhoundz with Up the Ante, Bulletcells, Tsinelas, Gatilyo and GDE kicking things off. 

Up the Ante was first with nice groove to get the crowd warmed up, even as they did it with rockers gyrating and singing along with the lead singer. 

As more and more people filtered in, the atmosphere began to grow with electricity and excitement for what was next to come.

Bulletcells came on next and started to rock the house more with the beginnings of a Mosh Pit starting to form, albeit loosely. Their heavy tunes and rockin’ sounds blasted away and filtered into the mind and souls of everyone within the room. 

In an interview with Greyhoundz, the same thing was reiterated by all members of the band as regards to their music and for those who want to excel in this industry- 

“You have to please yourself first before pleasing other people,” and “if you are pretending it’s gonna show,” according to Greyhoundz. 

As the night moved on, the blaring sound of musicians, drums and guitars, coupled with the mix of crowd chatter and movement, made the anticipation of the main act much more exhilarating. All at once one could see the swelling of the crowd in the Mosh Pit as GDE came on and totally brought down the house with their head-banging and air-splits; making those in the Mosh Pit mosh more and more. 

All of this culminated with Greyhoundz stepping on stage, looked at the crowd and jumped right into their act of which they had in the palm of their hands from beginning to end. 

As mentioned before, there was not a disappointed person in the crowd and Greyhoundz ensured there was none at all. As the lead singer, Reg, mentioned each song they would sing, the crowd roared with approval and appreciation, the Mosh Pit became more congested, and the air soon filled with continuous loud, sweet, head-banging music. 

Stay tuned for more coverage of RocktoberfestDubai2017 every week!


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