Social Media Group Raise Php 1.2 Million for Rice Farmers

Photo Credit: Erik-De-Castro-Reutersfile

Rice farmers in Mindoro Island suffered from bankruptcy because of cheap rice imports. In order to help, an online group raised 1.2 million pesos by selling fruits and vegetable online.

Session Groceries, the online market said, ”Empower Mindoro farmers to mill their palay without having to resort to trader loans that leave them with little to no profit”.

The group originated in Baguio whom allows customers to order fruits and vegetables from its online application. Moreover, buyers who pre-ordered the goods will receive their purchased goods right at their doorstep.

The grocery service also said that the Mindoro farmers will go to Manila on September 28, 2019 for the first time to oversee the delivery of their milled harvest.

Farmers protested for the surge of cheap rice imports causing the price of ‘palay’ to drop from Php 11.00 to Php 7.00.

President Rodrigo Duterte signed the Rice Tariffication Law last February 2019, removing the cap on rice imports and allotting Php 10 billion from tariffs to aid farmers every year.