Sharjah announces ‘Smart Parking’, reserves parking using phone

Photo Credits: Khaleej Times

The Sharjah City Municipality announced its partnership with digital powerhouse Evoteq, an innovative artificial intelligence solution that will enable a driver to book parking through their phone.

This initiative will manifest the ability of the AI to help ease the parking dilemmas in Sharjah, as part of their agreement, both parties will be researching for smart transport platform solutions for driver behavior, traffic congestion, and parking.

Jihad Tayara, CEO of Evoteq, said, “We are honoured to partner with the Sharjah City Municipality to provide its leading expertise in digital transformation and new ICT technology. As a trusted partner, we are developing solutions that will establish Sharjah as a leading digital economy and smart city.”

When fully digitize, “Sharjah Smart Parking” will allow car owners and drivers to identify a reserve space in censored parking lots through their phones. Parking will be identified with special classifications such as VIP spaces. Another, a priority parking launched for the first time in Sharjah. The payment for the priority parking will be ranged to encourage drivers to utilize the space when needed the most.

The project is set to begin with a three-month pilot program to measure the success and control the usage before widely offered to the public.