SC appeals Government Nurses should earn SG 15


The minimum wage of nurses working in government should be at Salary Grade (SG) 15, the Supreme Court directed on Tuesday.

In a decision made by Senior Justice Antonio Carpio during its en banc session on 8, the Supreme Court agreed to preserve and protect Section 32 of Republic Act 9173 or the Philippine Nursing Act of 2002.

According to Section 32 of the said Act, “In order to enhance the general welfare, commitment to service and professionalism of nurses the minimum base pay of nurses working in the public health institutions shall not be lower than salary grade 15.”

A government worker at Salary Grade 15 can earn as much as P31, 545, meanwhile workers with salary grade 11 can collect P22, 055 per month.

In line with this, Ang Nars party list battled for this advancement since 2015, as the group condemns Executive Order No. 811, stating entry-level of nurse is at Salary Grade 11, signed by the former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

However, Supreme Court Public Information said in a statement, “In ruling in favor of the petitioners, the Court ruled that Joint Resolution No. 4, being a mere resolution, cannot amend or repeal a prior law such as RA 9173 or the Philippine Nursing Act. The same applies to EO 811 which is also not a law, but an executive directive.”

The inconsistencies in the Salary Grade of government nurses pushed Rep. Leah Primitiva G. Samaco-Paquiz to raise the issue to the Supreme Court.