Red Cross provides portable filtration system for quake victims

Photo: Mark Demayo, ABS-CBN News

Water pipes and water sources have been damaged by landslides and reported to be unusable, earthquake victims in some area are suffering without steady water supply. A portable water filtration system is sent by the Red Cross to KIdapawan City to turn muddy river water into drinking water.

“Other residents end up buying expensive drinking water but if we can produce clean and potable water that we can provide (for free) to the community then why not use it,” Red Cross personnel Jenny Fe Estor said.

Estor explained that the murky water from the river undergoes a five-stage filtration and purification process.

During the first two stages, dirt is removed by filtering the water, and then it passes through a sand filter and then a charcoal filter to eliminate dirt and smell. Finally, ample amount of chlorine is combined to disinfect the water.

Estor further explained that the same process is used by water districts collecting water from rivers and springs.

We’re asking the water district to test our water,” she said. 

The same water filtration was used by Yolanda victims and during the Marawi siege.