Probably the “last” family photo

Bringing back the old times: The Barretto family celebrates Jay-Jay Barretto's birthday on March 17, 2011 in Mamou restaurant, Serendra, Taguig City. (L-R, 1st row) Mitch, Claudine, Gretchen, Marjorie, Mommy Inday; (L-R, 2nd row) Mito, Jay-Jay, and Miguel+ PHOTO/S: JOAQUIN BARRETTO/ FACEBOOK

The Barretto Sisters Instagram feeds are full of family moments; unfortunately, they will not have a complete family photo anymore.

The late Miguel Barretto and his wife Estrella have seven children: Mito, 59, Michelle, 58, Joaquin “Jay-Jay”, 57, Gia, 50, Gretchen, 49, Marjorie, 45, and Claudine, 40.

Their last family photo was taken on March 17, 2011, at Jay-Jay Barretto’s 49th birthday in Mamou restaurant, Serendra, Taguig City. The birthday boy uploaded it on Facebook on August 4, 2011.

The only person not present was the US-based Gia.

It was truly a photo of one big happy family.

After which, in 2013, Marjorie was caught up in Claudine and Gretchen fight. Six years after, on February 2019, Claudine and Gretchen finally patched things up.

Last month, the Barretto Family feud continued at the wake of their late father and may end up with lawsuit battle of Marjorie filing a complaint against Claudine and Gretchen.