PCC orders Grab to refund P5 million worth of excess charges

Photo Credits: Today

The Philippines’ antitrust monitor ordered Grab to refund consumers P5 million in excess charges on Monday. The agency approved a new set of voluntary commitments to ensure that Grab is not abusing its dominance.

Philippine Competition Commission member Johannes Bernabe said that the P5 million refund is part of a total P23 million in fines for several violations committed by Grab from August last year to May this year. One of the violated commitments includes failure to remove the “see destination feature” for some drivers.

The refund can be expected within 60 days after Grab’s receipt of the order. Refunds for future breaches will be shortened to 30 days, PCC commissioner Amabele Asuncion said.

Furthermore, the PCC insisted that Grab enjoyed “virtual monopoly” since the ride-hailing service has no longer competition, PCC Chairman Arsenio Balisacan said.

“What we’re looking at with the merger is that the public will not suffer in terms of convenience, fare, so unfortunately we have not been able to achieve the ideal situation where it would be easy for a rider to hail a car and pay at a reasonably low cost,” Balisacan told ABS – CBN News.

“Obviously we’re not happy because if we are happy then the competition landscape would have been restored. There would be no another undertaking,” Balisacan added.

Lastly, Commissioner Asuncion said that the excess charges occurred when Grab fares exceeded the 22.5 percent allowable deviation to the premerger pricing set by the agency.