Pasay City bans the use of e-cigs in public


The Pasay City government has issued a ban on vaping or any form of e-cigarettes in public places.

Under City Ordinance 6061, vaping is prohibited in areas such as government offices, hospitals, and educational and recreational facilities among others. But, it will be allowed in enclosed places with designated area provided an owner’s consent.

Furthermore, the ordinance prohibits selling of vape product to or by minors.

“It is high time to impose stricter measures on these substances to protect the youth and the general public against the ill-effects of cigarette smoking and vaping,” Mayor Calixto-Rubiano said.

A person caught violating the measure will be fined a minimum of P2,000 or 12 hours of community service for the first offense and P4,000 or 24 community service for the succeeding offense.

The local government referred to study conducted by the American Society of Clinical Oncology and John Hopkins Medicine, citing that e-cigarettes and vapes are both bad to people’s health.

On the other hand, US president Donald Trump wants to raise the minimum age of vaping to 21.

Several US states banned the use of e-cigarettes after 34 deaths were associated with vaping.

The Department of Health recently called for a total ban on e-cigarettes as is noted that vaping has no positive health effect.