Opposing assessments as US- NoKor ends talk

Photo by Philip O’Connor/ Reuters

North Korea and the United States walk away with contrasting assessments of nuclear talks in Sweden on October 5, 2019.

State Department spokeswoman, Morgan Ortagus said the United States accepted Sweden’s invitation to resume talks in two weeks’ time.

On February, a meeting between the North Korean’s leader Kim Jong Un and Presidents Donald Trump transpired to discuss nuclear talks, that ends up in a draw, and after which Pyongyang’s defiant test of a sea-launched ballistic missile.

The nuclear-armed North’s leading negotiator Kim Myong Gil told reporters in Stockholm that, “The negotiations have not fulfilled our expectations and finally broke up, without any outcome. (It) is totally due to the fact that the US would not give up their old attitude. The US raised expectations and offered suggestions like flexible approach, new methods and creative solutions but they have disappointed us greatly, and dampened our enthusiasm for negotiations by bringing nothing to the negotiation table.”

Meanwhile, Ortagus said that “the early comments from the DPRK delegation do not reflect the content or the spirit of today’s eight-and-a-half-hour discussion.”

On the other hand, Ortagus said the US previewed a number of initiatives that would allow development on a statement reached in Singapore at the first Trump-Kim Summit last 2018.

Lastly, the nuclear talk in Sweden was called by Washington a good discussions, but according to Pyongyang it broke down.