Newly elected FNC members commits for public service

Photo by Ryan Lim/ Khaleej Times

The newly elected members of the Federal National Council (FNC) taste victory in the recent elections. Now, they promise to serve and protect the country’s people.

Victorious candidates Adnan Hamad Al Hamadi, Humaid Ali Al Abaar Al Shamsi and Obaid Khalfan Al Ghoul expressed their gratitude for the National Election Committee and to those who supported them.

Meanwhile, Humaid Ali Al Abaar Al Shamsi, the first winner in Sharjah, told reports that “I had a feeling that I would win but, still I was very excited to hear the announcement. Many people voted for me because they believed in my ability to serve them and the nation.”

“I will devote all my time and effort to serve people’s interests in the FNC and fight for their needs,” he added.

The second winner from Sharjah, Adnan Hamad Al Hamadi, celebrated the win but said that his success means huge responsibility.

“It takes a lot of hard work to serve the people and the nation. I will carry this heavy load – the trust of the citizens who voted for me – on my shoulders and do my best,” said Al Hamadi.

Meanwhile, Abu Dhabi’s newly elected FNC member, Naema Al Mansouri, said she was grateful that people entrusted her with position.

“The voters have put confidence in me and I am sure I will present their views to the house and to the government,” she told reports after being pronounced winner.

At least 118,000 voters participated in this year’s election, although 337,738 citizens were eligible to vote.