NEC presents ‘Abstain to vote’ as Federal National Council polls begin in UAE

For most Emiratis who came to the polling stations on Tuesday, October 1, voting only took a minute/Ryan Lim and M.Sajjad

The National Elections Committee (NEC) urged Emiratis to cast their ballots if they are casting for an abstain vote.

The early voting for Federal National Council (FNC) polls started on Tuesday and shall continue until Thursday. Numerous citizens did not express ‘excitement’ as they wanted more from the candidates.

“I am not convinced with candidates’ electoral programmes, which should serve the interest of the people,” said Shamma Al Ketbi, a registered voter.

Voters from Dubai Electoral Commission, Ali Ahmed Al Abdouli and Khawla Murad were looking for extensive platforms on health, education and employment.

From a perspective of another Emirati, Fatima Al Kindi, one should ponder about whom to vote for.

“We should be honest and must be highly convinced of the candidate we are voting for. I have been examining candidates’ ideas that would benefit housewives and widows,” Al Kindi said.

Registered voters have few more days to decide which candidates deserve a set at the FNC, but in case voter does not make up their mind until the election day, NEC is urging every voter to report to their polling station and select ‘abstain from vote’, if that is the case.

“Such a vote does count, and this option is calculated in the final results as part of the total number of votes,” a top NEC official said.