NBA: Defending Champs ‘playing to win’ says GM Ujiri

Photo Credits: Eric Bolte, USA TODAY Sports/Reuters

Last year, Raptors GM (General Manager) Masai Ujiri welcomes Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green, championship experienced players who helped Raps wins its first.

After the championship, Leonard and Green signed with teams in California.

Ujiri and coach Nick Nurse acknowledged it’s a time for the new era. As the champs enter their 25th season in the NBA.

“As you look at our roster, you realize there’s a couple starters missing from that team. There’s opportunities to take on new identities, expand roles – maybe take on new roles.” according to Coach Nick.

“I can’t sit here and trade DeMar (DeRozan), then Kawhi leaves us, and be upset,” Ujiri said. “That’s just the nature of the business. We understand it and we move on as an organization.”

The GM said the NBA’s changing rosters are part of the nature of the game.

The general manager has to decide as four key players’, Marc Gasol, Serge Ibaka, Kyle Lowry, and Fred VanVleet, contracts are expiring.

“I think there are many bright spots with our team. Whether it’s our veteran players, whether it’s our players coming up and the younger group that we are developing. We are always going to be a developing team,” Ujiri said.

As he dreams to have another championship for the team.

“We play sports to win, there’s nothing else. We can do all the dance we want, say whatever we want ‘rebuld, blah blah, blah’ … anything you do, you play sports to win. It’s that simple and we are playing to win,” he said.