Mothers in Manila refuses to vaccinate their kids

Photo by Gregorio B. Dantes Jr./Pacific Press, via Getty Images

Polio resurfaced in the Philippines after almost 2 decades.

In this regard, health officials are encouraging Filipino Mothers to vaccinate their children. At least 11 percent of mothers in Manila are refusing to participate in an immunization campaign against polio last month.

According to Maria Rosario Vergeire, Health Assistant Secretary, majority of mother who declined to vaccinate their children come from the “poor sector of the society.”

Just recently, the Department of Health (DOH) announced the first polio case in 19 years. The country has been polio-free due to extensive immunization coverage.

“It has been reported ever since 2016 that a lot of mothers are already refusing vaccination. We don’t know why, we have asked some, of course there would be this controversy, others would be not believing these vaccines,” she told ANC’s Early Edition.

The government earlier declared a national dengue epidemic and measles outbreak. More so, mothers are still hesitant vaccinating their kids. According to the assistant secretary, “The mothers were saying they don’t need it. The mothers were saying the child already had the vaccination before. These kinds of reasons have been given to us when we went to the city of Manila,”


Vergeire insisted,“We are going to provide immunization irrespective of their immunization status. It has no side effects, no bad taste for this oral polio vaccine. It is safe and has been used ever since the 1970s”

On the other hand, she confirmed that dengue cases are becoming manageable.