Mother faces court after 7 children suffocated in their own home

Photo Credits: Shutterstock

A mother has faced charges of manslaughter at Dibba Al Fujairah Court after she locked up her seven kids who suffocated to death in a fire at their house two years ago.

Records stated that the mother locked up all her seven kids in a room that was filled with smoke and poisonous carbon dioxide.

Furthermore, court records revealed that the kids were sleeping when the fire started at around 4:50am.

The children tried to escape but could not as the room was already filled with smoke.

The firefighters rushed to the scene and tried to rescue the seven children but did not manage to do so.

The mishap lead to the death of four girls and three boys, aged five to 15. This unfortunate event was also the beginning of nationwide campaign to install smoke detectors in all houses.

The court adjourned the case in October 18.