Most of UAE Residents Trust Social Media Leaning Brands

by Carissa Garcia

Photo: ctto

The advent of social media is helping businesses to inform clients the particulars about their brands– to be in the know. The social presence of a brand is a huge factor in introducing it in the market, establishing credibility and creating awareness.

Today, aside from making the developing brands presence, social media also serves as a sales platform. This is mainly the reason why social media marketing is important to brands nowadays.

According to YouGov’s research survey conducted from UAE respondents on their comfort of shopping on social media, reveals that shoppers are embracing their love for technology—the age of social shopping.

Survey shows that brands with social media accounts and represented by celebrities and online influencers are trusted by people and more than half of them (55%) said that it will make them more patronize the brand.

The brand social presence is likely to have an impact on its brand equity and purchase intent because many believes that brands with verified social media accounts are favored by the masses. With influencer campaign, that has huge numbers of followers and subscribers, it adds more plausibility that may likely make the brand more marketable.

Even though social presence is important to most, more than a third (35%) seem to be complacent to a brand’s persona, making them unlikely to change their insights while for one in ten (10%) is likely to make them trust a brand less.

Data also shows that men are more likely to trust a brand with social presence.

According to Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg, around 4 million businesses pay for social media advertising on Facebook, making it the most popular shopping platform on social media at 82%. Meanwhile, Instagram being the home of influencers comes in second at 47%.

At present, more than half of UAE residents, shop online and had purchases directly from social media platforms (such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.) while some still considers going to the malls and other physical stores. It is interesting to note that while men claim to be more likely to trust a brand with a social presence, it is actually women who indulge more with social media for shopping as compared to men, “Men are destination drivers. They go in stores to touch and feel,” First Insight’s Greg Petro told CNBC. “They like to a execute deal [at stores] and then bring items home with them.” Female shoppers, on the other hand, don’t necessarily feel the need to go to stores in the same way. “This changes the ways retailers and brands need to react,” he said.


Aside from social media stores, there are other UAE shopping online retails such as Amazon,, Namshi Online Shopping,, Shein, etc. These brand websites have their own platforms aside from social media accounts.


With the comfort of shopping on social media, many believe that it is convenient and it actually saves time. Aside from following brand accounts on social media for shopping fix, social media presence makes the buyers more updated to latest products released, price-drops, and other offers tailor-made for them.