Morissette Amon apologizes following concert walk out


An apology was posted by Morissette on her Instagram account addressing Jobert Sucaldito and Kiel Alo. Morissette was a guest performer on Alo’s birthday concert celebration and Sucaldito was the concert’s producer.

“With much prayer and as I have never done this before, pls let me start by saying sorry. To Tito Jobert, and Kiel Alo who was celebrating his birthday concert at the Music Museum that night, what I’ve done was out of character but I still do take full responsibility,” she said.

Before the start of the concert, Amon and Alo were interviewed and the reporter, Mario Dumaual, asked regarding the singer’s family issue. Amon’s father had disapproved of his daughter’s relationship with Dave Lamar.

In an Interview made by ABS-CBN, Amon said that she was leaving the situation up to God and has been praying for resolution.

On the other hand, in a video shared online, Sucaldito said Amon broke down after the interview and he was told she would not be able to perform.

In another video, Sucaldito asked Amon to go on stage rather the singer left the venue.

In her apology, Morissette said what she did “triggered by the surprise interview minutes before performing.”

“Regarding the issues between me and my family… This private matter is something I purposely did not want to openly share for fear that healing might not prosper between us,” she said.

She called for prayers from the public and said she and her family are trying to patch things up. In addition, the singer noted that she was “overwhelmed” by those who reached out to offer their kindness and support.

“I feel for all those who are going through the same thing and just want to remind you, as I have been reminded, that we are not alone,” she said.