MMDA: Transport crisis ‘exaggerated’

Photo: Wheels PH

Transport crises claim in Metro Manila are exaggerated, an official of Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) said on October 12, Sunday.

EDSA Special Traffic and Transport Zone chief Bong Nebrija told ABS-CBN that, “Kung sabihin natin na transport crisis, it’s not yet in that level na sabihin nating transport crisis just because nag-bog down yung LRT-2, “It’s unfair to say that, lalong lalo na yung administration na ‘to has been very aggressive in investing in infrastructure at improvement ng ating transportation.”

Nebrija noted projects such as MRT-7, which was said to be almost halfway complete as per the Department of Transportation, the common station for all Metro’s railways, also the bus rapid transit system.

The recent operational dilemmas of the LRT-1 and MRT-3 that caused for its disrupted operations, together with the fire that stopped the operation of LRT-2.

He said that, “It doesn’t come over time, talagang magsasakripisyo tayo na hihintayin natin itong mga proyekto na itong matapos.”

“At this time na malapit nang matapos ang mga ito, sasabihin nating may transport crisis, I think it is exaggerated in a sense na gumagana naman po lahat ng trains natin,” he added.

On the other hand, Nebrija said he “never sugarcoated” the traffic situation on EDSA, which he described as “overflowing”, as of august 405,000 cars were passing through the main frame but the capacity of EDSA is around 268,000.