Migrant worker restrictions to stop in Qatar

Photo: MidEast Post

The controversial “kafala” labor rules that require workers to obtain employers’ permission to change jobs or exit permit to leave the country is under observation to be eliminated.

The Qatar is selected to host the 2022 World Cup, which resulted to various construction program and employing foreign workers. Since then, the country has made notable reform to its employment regulations.

Recently, the exit visa requirement was abolished for some workers, but authorities are now widening the scope to domestic staff and employees of the government including Qatar Airways.

Labor Minister Yousuf Mohamed al-Othman Fakhroo said “Cabinet has adopted new legislation related to a new law for minimum wage and also a new regulation to facilitate labor transfer to a new employer, and a draft law to abolish exit permits.”

The proposal will undergo legal proceeding “within a month or so” and should be applied into a law by “around the end of the year,” he told AFP.

On the other hand, only 333,000 of the country’s 2.7 million people are Qatari citizens, according to official statistics.

The minimum wage in Qatar is temporarily set at 750 riyals or P10, 000 per month.