MANILA – Engr. Mario A. Balboa was honored as the Electronics Engineer of the Year by the Professional Regulation Commission in ceremonies held at the Manila Hotel to coincide with its 44th anniversary.

FIL EXPAT - MARIOBalboa, is the first and only Filipino to sign a “People to People Bilateral Agreement” with Saudi Arabia through the signed MOU between Saudi Council of Engineers under the Ministry of Commerce and the Philippine Council of Engineers and Architects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He’s the only Filipino holding a managerial position within Saudi Telecoms Company. 

“I have personified the achieving spirit in a Filipino professional. I have exemplified a rare penchant for going beyond the bounds of conventional migrant community service and leadership. I did not stop achieving when I successfully chartered the Institute of Electronics and Communications Engineers of the Philippines in Riyadh (IECEP-KSA-CRC) in 2010 and have had received nominations and awards from then on.”

“I have trained my eyes to the broader fields of protecting the rights and promoting the general interest of migrant Filipino professionals. Of which I took several big strides ahead of many into the domain of bilateral arrangements and mutual recognition of professional qualifications between the Philippines and a major Filipino destination country, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”

Balboa has showcased excellent leadership among his fellow leaders and migrants with the pioneering and trailblazing efforts for the establishment of  PCEA; forging a bilateral instrument, the MOU between PCEA and the Saudi Council of Engineers; and facilitating the First Official Visit of the SCE Delegation to the Philippines in collaboration with PRC, POEA and DOLE, among many other accomplishments. “With my noble purpose and objective, and as the Founding Chairman of PCEA has led to the strong partnership and collaboration between the Filipino Professionals in Saudi Arabia and the Saudi Council of Engineers. The significance of achieving this game-changing feat caught the attention of authorities from the Philippine Foreign Service.”

In a letter of the Philippine Ambassador in Riyadh to PCEA, it was made manifest that the Department of Foreign Affairs has taken cognizance of the PCEA-SCE MOU as a model worth replicating in other countries. All these extraordinary projects have synergistically placed the Filipino engineers and architects in KSA in a vantage position of respect for their recognized qualifications and professional practice. These achievements will go a long way in serving as a modest model and inspiration for other Filipino migrant communities in destination countries the world over.

His dedication, commitment and active participation as adviser and overall coordinator with SCE, PRC, POLO, PPO and Philippine Embassy in the annual conduct of the Special Professional Licensure Board Examination (SPLBE) in the Middle East has helped fulfill the dreams of professionals in passing and obtaining their PRC License. 

By: Yul Espartero



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