Man Gives Free Food in Dubai

Shahid Mahmood distributes pizza to Dubai residents.-Photo by Rahul Gajjar/Khaleej Times


Born and raised in Pakistan, Shahid Mahmood, also known as ‘Arbab of Satwa’ gives free food in Dubai for three years now. Mr. Mahammud gives mostly pizza at Satwa area.

Almost 400 persons line up in front of a food stall to enjoy his free food. On weekends, he gives 700 slices of pizza.
The Arbab of Satwa also gives shawarma, rice and chicken, and burgers on some days. ”I just give mostly pizza because most people love pizza,” he stated.

“I cannot explain the happiness I am getting from doing this,” Mahmood stated. The Dubai-based businessman spends Dh 1,500 per day for the food he’s giving out.

There is no exception on anyone who wants to eat. As Mahmood stated on an interview with Khaleej times, “I give food to everyone who is hungry and wants to eat a slice. There are no class-wise distinctions made. Rich and poor, men and women – everyone gets a free meal.