Latest iPhone, Cheaper in Dubai


Every time Apple releases a new product, UAE residents are always enthusiastic as reflected at Dubai stores. Along with this, the latest released iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro are among the cheapest prices in the world.

More than the residents, a huge amount of visitors in the country always consider purchasing their gadgets at Dubai, as they cost less in UAE than most of the markets. To add, the annual tech-sale, Gitex, may just be why shoppers always chooses Dubai.

Apple released their latest featured phones – iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max.

On comparison, the price of Apple’s premiered phone is cheaper in UAE than in India, China, UK, and France. On the other hand, iPhone is much cheaper in USA and in Japan compared in AE.

According to Apple’s website for each country, it shows that the iPhone 11 Pro is 23 percent more costly in India than in UAE, and iPhone 11 is 14 percent more expensive, respectively. Meanwhile, if UAE residents bought their phone in United Kingdom, they will have to pay not more than 15 percent of its price here in the UAE.

iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro prices in different countries (UAE dirham)

 Phone UAE  India UK  China USA Japan France
iPhone Pro  Dh4,219  Dh5,193  Dh4,806  Dh4,506  Dh3,668  Dh3,647  Dh4,691
iPhone 11 Dh2,949 Dh3,352  Dh3,340 Dh2,848  Dh2,567  Dh2,554  Dh3,274


Managing partner at Chartered House Tax Consultancy, Anurag Chaturvedi, said that higher tax rate in India and the UK is definitely one of the factors for higher prices in these countries. Lower prices in Japan and the US may be a logistic-factor, he added.

High cost iPhone products in India is caused by manufacturing problems since there are no manufacturing unit in the country. It has to go through 4-5 middleman and each of them will take a percentage for their own before it reaches the customer, Chaturvedi explained.

Meanwhile, US and Japan iPhone products are cheaper because taxes, custom duties, depreciation of currency, and logistics.

“From the beginning it has an image of a luxury and exclusivity. So, yes in my personal opinion to maintain this image they do price their product at a high price”, Chaturvedi said.