FIL ACHIEVERKristine Carlson Dimailig Inde has been in the United Arab Emirates for ten years. She worked as a receptionist cum client coordinator to marketing coordinator then to brand manager. Today, she is being looked up to in the Arab corporate world as an aspiring business executive and entrepreneur who matters. She has been a Managing Director of her own company for about three years now.

Own company

After a decade of working in various companies abroad, she decided to establish her own company in the capital emirate of Abu Dhabi. “I look after the entire business, the brand and the sales and marketing of the company. I make sure all the staff and crew are happy with their work, and giving them trainings on how they can develop more on their personality and performance. A healthy lifestyle is what I practice every day. Being positive is what keeps me going each second, every moment and each day,” she said.

“Our strongest link in Lifestyle Event Management UAE is our branding and client relations. We maintain the highest quality of standards in all the services we provide. We hire the best talents on each department. Innovation is our main key in order to keep our clients and leads excited about our new designs and services.

“Handling one of the biggest oil and gas service provider’s 25th anniversary is one of the most exciting projects we’ve handled in social events. Then we now cater corporate events as well as grand openings of companies in UAE. One of the greatest achievements was when I became an entrepreneur at the age of 29. It ultimately evolved my perception and developed my abilities in handling tough situations.”


Daughter of OFWs

Kristine is now 31 years old. She was born on August 20, 1985 in Batangas City. Her father Oscar Inde who was a former construction worker is a native of Catbalogan, Samar while her late mother Ofelia Salazar Dimailig was from Lemery, Batangas. They were both OFWs. Her siblings are Carfel Inde and Garry Paul Inde. “My parents have always been my inspiration. They are both hard workers and I have witnessed all the hardships they experienced being both an OFW. My family gives me strength each day. I have three kids and my husband is a business partner.”

In 2013, he got married to Michael Torres. They have three children, namely: Jabir Kael, 9; Sheikha Qwain Khail, 3; and, Hayat Zain Khair, 1.


With dignity

“I want to be known as a Filipino with dignity, pride, wisdom.  I believe education, passion, dedication, faith, kind and big heart in everything you do will lead to the success you wish to be. Being an entrepreneur is not an easy task. It is a huge responsibility while doing what you love to do. I always say to people I meet or encounter, ‘You don’t have to be rich to own a business.’ It’s not only about financial capital or profit. It’s the hard work and heart you put into your business.”

She took her elementary education at the Amado V. Hernandez Elementary School in 1998 and secondary education at Tondo High School in 2002. She earned her degree in Bachelor in Broadcast Communication in 2006 at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. She valued education. She took various lessons like learning Arabic, sales and marketing, events management, office management from Zabeel International Institute and presentation skills in classes organized by the Filipino Digerati Association. She took Cosmetology and Hair Science at Earist in 2006.


Thankful and grateful

The past years saw her receiving various awards and accolades. “We have been involved with Filipino community events in Dubai.  I’m thoroughly working on supporting Filipino community projects which I will be organizing and are scheduled this year. I am now in the position to be thankful and grateful for everything, every trust and all the love I have received from people. Thanks for all who believed in my abilities and capabilities in order to be where I am now and what I have become.”

By: Yul Espartero



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