DUBAI – The Ian Veneracion Live in Dubai show was supposed to be a glamorous event and full of romantic excitement, but due to unexpected constraints, the show’s game plan was changed.

 The show did not start at 8 p.m, but waited for another 30 minutes to wait for other audience and guests that were probably stuck in the middle of a weekend traffic on the way to Sheikh Rashid Auditorium, Dubai.

Veneracion, one of the finest leading men of ABS-CBN, kicked off the event by preparing a number for the 10 selected and “lucky” ladies to be serenaded by him.

Due to some constraints laid by the management of the venue, Veneracion and the team followed the set rules that include not going down on the stage, not closing the lights, and concluding the show on a time that wasn’t agreed upon beforehand.

Some of the mega plans of the organizers for both the audience and artist did not happen because of the impeding rules.

The show, according to Juliet Natz, the event manager of Eye Candy Events Management, was planned well and well thought of.

As per the plan, the audience must leave the venue by 12 midnight. But the security told them that the show must end before 11 p.m, and all people including the organizer shall leave the area by 11:30 p.m.

With this unexpected “change”, they were forced to have the event proceeded without following the set plan.

The organizer of the event did the right thing to avoid penalties and chaos between the security and audience.

The venue’s person-in-charge to show things at the backdrop was also unavailable that made the show a little disordered. The person was supposed to flash the sponsor’s logo from time to time, but the logos were flashed randomly.

Natz said that their goal was somehow achieved through Veneracion’s performances.

“We deliver na pakiligin ang mga audience,” she added.

As per the rule of Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM), performers are allowed to go down the stage as long as he does not create any commotion, violence or stampede.

What happened at the Sheik Rashid Auditorium on Thursday, October 19, was understandable as previous events have also experienced this.

The day after Veneracion’s show, he enjoyed roaming around Dubai that included visiting Dessert Safari, among others.

His manager, Ricky Gallardo, and the team commended Nat’z team for being accommodating and hands down with troubleshooting.


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