Japanese Emperor Naruhito completes enthronement

Photo: DW

The 59-year old emperor officially began his reign in May after the abdication of his father. A series of traditional rituals inside the imperial palace is now formalized.

The ceremony is just after Japan was hit by Typhoon Hagibis, which left 80 people dead. In line with this, a celebration parade was rescheduled with respect to the grieving families.

The ceremony of Accession or so called “Sokui no Rei” in which the Emperor was located inside the 6.5m high Takamikura throne.

Emperor Naruhito read a formal proclamation, dressed in a yellow-orange robe only allowed to be worn by emperors on special occasions.

“I swear that I will act according to the constitution and fulfil my responsibility as the symbol of the state and of the unity of the people,” he said, according to a Reuters translation.

Meanwhile, his wife, Empress Masako, was seen in a smaller throne wrapped in 12 layers of robe.

In addition, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe expressed a congratulatory address followed by shouts of “Banzai” translated as “long live the emperor”.

Lastly, the ceremony was held in the presence of an ancient sword and jewel that represents symbol of imperial power.