Jannah Hotels and Resorts CEO Ranks 30th in Powerhouse Hoteliers in Middle East

by John Carlo Bogayan

Jannah Hotels and Resorts CEO, Richard Haddad

Jannah Hotels and Resorts are delighted to announce the achievement of their CEO. As Richard Haddad ranked 30th place in the most influential hospitality figures in the elite class of Hotelier Middle East Power 50.

Richard Haddad has proven his passion and dedication in the hospitality industry as he spends 27 years of his life in the field.

The proud CEO said, “I am extremely grateful to be part of this noteworthy recognition for acknowledging my utmost dedication and commitment leading the Jannah Hotels and Resorts group. I am looking forward to spending more years working with the competent team, expand our horizons and aiming to keep our position as one of the leading hospitality brands in the Middle East.”

A statement from one of the owners shared “Richard has efficiently managed the group’s operations since 2018 and has ensured ongoing development and success to the business. It is a remarkable accolade and acknowledgement of all the hard-work and dedication he has given to this brand.”

“With this, I am confident that we will continue to expand our presence in the Middle East across an exquisite blend of hotels and resorts. We will continue to provide our guests with unparalleled experiences that caters to the needs of all travelers,” he concluded.