Indians dominate National Art Competition


Indians emerged as winners at the one of the biggest national art forums, the 8th UC Dino Art national Competition, held at Shiekh Rashid Auditorium. Among the 11-named champions, Indians bagged 9 first place awards with participants from Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Iranian, and others. The competition aims to improve the children’s originality, aesthetics, and creativity.

Congratulating the winners of the Dino Art Contest, Mrs. Soundari Raj, Managing Director of UCMAS in the UAE said, “Art activates the creative part of the brain i.e. the imaginative and creative side – spatial and intuitive side of our brain. Dino Art helps the child to express their individuality, helping them to visualise a problem and creating multiple solutions by thinking outside the box. Children learn to paint, write and compose thus developing their cognitive skills. In their early education they can apply these skills to understand and face their fears.”

The participants were assessed on their approach on the technique, neatness, creativity, imagination, and perfection. The Dino Art program is designed to hone the students’ artistic skills while channelling them to use different types of media.

Moreover, the program trains them to a balanced early education in art and the mathematical precision of aesthetics. The program guides children in their early years through different levels to add on background creations to the given drawing and colour, based on their imagination.

“This year we also introduced a new level, ‘Picasso’ for children in their early years to guide them in their pencil control, basic colouring strokes, merging techniques and finally to teach them to draw independently landscape & cartoon characters,” added Mrs Raj.

Operating in 80 countries, the world’s largest skill development program, UMCAS has trained more than a million students worldwide and about 26,400 students across 36 centres in the UAE since 2003.