How much it cost to witness the beauty of Georgia?

By Kate Manlapaz

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Wondering what it cost to travel Georgia? This is how much we spent traveling in this awesome country. The four of us went on a 4-day journey in this beautiful country. Exploring places, food, canyon, provinces and the capital city of Tbilisi. 

On our journey, we documented all of our expenses, from the air fares, accommodation, transportation, and food. Believe me, when you go to Georgia, there’s no holding back on food because they are so heavenly delicious!

Package offers are available online but we decided to make a diy (Do it yourself) itinerary for our full journey.

Flights and Visa

The flight from Dubai to Georgia usually takes 3.5 hours. That means you will have plenty of time to visit the astonishing places in the country. We decided to visit Batumi first, and Tbilisi to cap the journey.

Upon arriving in Batumi, Georgia, expats that are living in the UAE (with residence permits) can get a short-term tourist visa valid up to 90 days, for FREE. Just make sure your residence visa is valid for 6 months.

How much we spent on our flight:

Dubai to Batumi and Tbilisi to Dubai: 1580 AED for a round trip ticket (per person).

In total we spent 6320 AED on flights.


We chose to stay one night in Batumi first then Tbilisi for the remaining days, because we want to explore the whole Georgia as much as possible for four days. This way we can get to know the country – from province to city, to its tradition and culture, the locals and the food, I want to know all!

On Airbnb, you’ll find plenty apartments to choose from. For our accommodation in Batumi, we choose a private room because we are just staying for the night and early morning we are going to our next destination. In Tbilisi, we stayed in a Guest House with an amazing view of the Old Tbilisi for 2 nights and it was near of the famous tourist spot of the city.

When you just stay in Tbilisi, you end up spending more. That’s will be the case when you choose to stay in the very center of things. Staying outside of Tbilisi will mostly save you a lot.

Average prices of accommodation in Georgia:

  • Hostel: prices start at 25 AED
  • Guesthouse: Starting from 50 AED
  • Hotel: starting from 60 AED
  • Airbnb: starting from 40 AED for house, and 60 AED for a private space.
  • Camping: usually free

Remember that these are the cheapest accommodation you can count on. For example, for the rent in Batumi, we spent 50 AED per night for four people and in Tbilisi we spent 231AED for two nights.

We spent 282 AED in total on accommodation in Georgia


Transport is not that expensive in Georgia. Budget travelers will have no problem moving around in the mini buses in Georgia, called Marshrutkas, driving in all destinations imaginable. For luxury travel there are private tour companies or taxis you can bargain and gladly have you aboard. Bonus if your driver is too nice to drive and stop on some tourist spot. Traveling by metro in Tbilisi is done by using a metro card that will cost you 2 GEL to purchase. After that you can top it up every time you travel. You can also use this card for the bus and the Narikala ropeway. Metro fares are around 0.50 GEL per journey. The metro card can be used by maximum of 5 people.

How much we spent on transportation:

Batumi to Kutaisi Van Rent with 12 sitters (more than 2-hour ride): 100 GEL

Kutaisi to Marvili Canyon Roundtrip Taxi (40-minute ride): 100 GEL

Kutaisi to Tbilisi Marshrutkas (3-hour ride): 10 GEL per person

Narikala Ropeway: 1 GEL per person using Metro Card.

Taxi in Tbilisi: 5 GEL and 40 GEL, depending on where you’re heading.

Tbilisi to Ananuri Roadtrip (1 hour ride): 100 GEL

We spent 396 GEL (491.36 AED) in total on transportation


Meal time is not the time to be pennywise in Georgia! Though Georgian food isn’t that pricy, it is too good to save a little, that’s why we bought some foods to cook in a supermarket this will save you a lot for breakfast, when you eat in the center of Tbilisi or even in Batumi, you spend much more than anywhere else.

On our trip, we wanted to try as many different restaurants as we could. But we need to save, also there’s McDonald’s around and we really spend much more during dinner, we ate at Grill Town in Batumi and Maspindzelo in Old Tbilisi.

Average food prices

  • Dinner in an inexpensive restaurant: 15 GEL
  • Dinner in a high-end restaurant: 60 GEL
  • Glass of house wine: 5 – 8 GEL
  • Glass of water: 0.50 GEL
  • Soft drinks: 1 – 3 GEL

The total we spent on food was a massive 200 GEL (809.41 AED)!


We made the whole itinerary of our tour to save more. Mostly, we visited those place that there’s no entrance fee, the only place we paid is Martvili canyon for 15 GEL per person. We also tried riding a boat for 20 GEL per person.

Places we visited

Batumi Love Statue Ali and Nino, Alphabet Tower, Chacha Tower, Batumi Light House, Astronomical Clock, Europe Square, Statue of Medea, Theater Square, Batumi Boulevard, 6 May Park

Old Tbilisi, Dzveli Tbilisi Sulphur Waterfall, Nirikala Fortress, Saint Georgea Armenia Catheral of Tbilisi, Bridge of Peace, Shota Rustaveli Avenue, Liberty Square, National Botanical Garden of Georgia, Metekhi Church, Ceremonial Palace of Georgia, Jumah Mosque

Overall, we spent 140 GEL (173.44 AED) on tours in Georgia.

A breakdown of expenses to witness the beauty of Georgia.

In total, we spent 8226.21 AED on our 4-day trip in Georgia.

  • 4 plane tickets: 6320 AED
  • Accommodation: 282 AED
  • Transportation: 491.36 AED
  • Food 809.41 AED (FOOD IS LIFE!)
  • Tours: 173.44 AED
  • Souvenirs: 150 AED

(Everything calculated in this list is accumulated for 4 persons.)