How Hobbies Can Help Improve Your Career

by Noreen Arzadon

Photo: @giulia_bertelli

All work and no fun? That for sure is a sure-fire formula for burnout in your career. Work-life balance is essential in keeping our well-being healthy as employees who probably spend more than half of our days working.

Finding ourselves a hobby to enjoy takes us away from work while still being productive individuals. It allows us recharge and relax our brain as we divert our focus on other things to do other than just idling around and still finding ourselves thinking about work.

Having a hobby is also an avenue for networking. Meeting other professionals who share the same interest as yours will allow you to connect and build more personal conversations with them. You might even meet your potential colleagues or employers in your chosen hobby.

Learning something new and gaining a new skill will always be beneficial to our chosen careers. For example, if your hobby is learning a new language or let’s say photography, you can add this to your CV. Not only does it make you more of a competitive employee, you can also share your knowledge with your colleagues and build better relationships with them.

Doing something that we enjoy apart from our work also increases our creativity. If your chosen hobby is something to do with art, it may benefit your work life with being able to draw more inspiration and apply it with your profession. It’s also a way for us to think outside the box and have more flexibility with our ideas which will be helpful even at work.

 Hobbies may also teach us how to properly manage our time. We already spend most of our day at work and with our hobbies on the side, we need to make sure that we manage our time well in order for us to still have time to destress and enjoy the things that we love outside work.

Hobbies keep us interesting to other people around us, but also help us remain true to ourselves at the same time. Not all of us are lucky to be able to make a living out of our true passion in life. However, by keeping our hobbies, it is a way for us to continue working with that dream while still reaping benefits in keeping ourselves inspired in our professional jobs. It also keeps us interesting with other people that we meet as we can use it to connect on a more personal level with them.