Hazzaa AlMansoori meets with MBRSC Chairman

Hazzaa AlMansoori meets with the Chairman of MBRSC

By John Carlo B. Bogayan

Hazzaa AlMansoori, 35-year old Emirati astronaut, meets with the Chairman of MBRSC (Mohammed Bin Rashed Space Center), HE Hamad Obiad AlMansoori, along with the Director General HE Yousuf Hamad AlShaibani – Salem AlMarri, head of the UAE Astronaut Program, and Saeed Karmostaji, Astronauts’ office manager at the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center in Star City, Moscow.

HE Hamad Obaid Almansoori gratefully stated, “Hazzaa has shown excellent health condition and is ready to complete his scientific experiments as planned.”

The MBRSC was founded in 2006 and is home to the UAE National space Program. The center aims to improve and build earth observation satellites which offers imaging and data analysis around the globe.

Moreover, the center is responsible for UAE’s Mars Mission, with the goal to reach Mars orbit by 2021 and collect data from Mars’ atmosphere. Lastly, this program envisions the development of the Mars 2117 to build a Human Community in Mars.