Firefighters take upper hand on wildfire, weather helps: official

Photo: 564FIRE via Reuters

Firefighters started to take control on a destructive wildfire in Southern California farming region on Saturday, as they are taking advantage of lighter winds and evacuees are allowed to get home, officials said.

The Maria fire torched the near community of Santa Paula, about 70 miles (110 km) northwest of downtown Los Angeles, since then it has burned down 9,400 acres of dry bush and chaparral, officials said.

Firefighters have responded immediately in order to protect citrus, avocado crops, and oil industry infrastructure worth millions of dollars.

Along with this, at least 10,000 people were mandated to evacuate at the height of the fire.

On the on other hand, authorities allowed residents to return home on Saturday and are looking to lift evacuation orders, Ventura County Fire Captain Brian McGrath said.

“We’re taking advantage of the good weather we have right now,” he added.

No injuries were recorded but three structures were destroyed.