Filipino expats in Lebanon advice to stay indoor: DFA

Photo: Reuters/Hasan Shaaban

The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) advised Filipinos in Lebanon to be cautious amidst anti-government protests on Friday.

DFA said, “Filipinos are urged to stay away from areas where protests are taking place, and to remain indoors as much as possible.”

Moreover, the Philippine embassy in the capital, Beirut, reported no Filipinos are affected by the protests.

In addition, the embassy said that “(We) will continue to monitor the situation and will provide the corresponding public advisory, as necessary.”

On October 18, anti-government protests sparked by rising feud over an economic meltdown across the country and resulted into riots on the streets of Beirut.

Thousands of people across the country marched and called for the coup of a political upper class they suspect of stealing the country’s fund.

Filipinos can contact the Philippine embassy hotline number at (+961-3) 859-430 for assistance.