EU worries on migrant wave from Turkish ops in Syria

Syrian refugees at a camp in southern Turkey on Aug. 31, 2019/ New York Times

Migration concerns Europe officials, due to threat by Turkey in sending its troops in northeast Syria, sending a new wave of refugees to Europe.

Asylum-seekers use the Mediterranean route from Turkey to Greece to reach Europe.

“For Greece, the spike of the increase of the flows between May and today is an increase of 240 per cent. You can imagine the scale of the challenge, “Greece’s alternate minister for migration, Giorgios Koumoutsakos said.

“Geopolitical factors, including conflicts in the broader area particularly in Syria, entail that we will most likely see a continuation of this alarming trend in the short to medium term,” emphasized in the joint statement in a meeting for concerning Greece, Bulgaria, and Cyprus as the eastern Mediterranean route.

Europe officials said that if Turkey does invade a part of Syria, some of the four million refugees in Turkey, which are mostly Syrians, may head to Europe.

“But imagine that you’re a refugee in Turkey, you’re Syrian — the risk exists that you might be transported one day… into northeast Syria. That’s a factor that could generate a wave towards Europe,” Luxembourg’s foreign minister, Jean Asselborn said.

Meanwhile, EU’s commissioner for migration, Dimitris Avramopoulos, said “the European Union remains committed to the unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Syrian state.”

He added, “the cessation of hostilities, the protection of civilians and unhindered, safe and sustainable humanitarian access to all of Syria.”

He also confirmed that EU is always ready to help in gathering and processing evidence against violators if ever they will be repatriated for trial.