Emirates Steel receives two patents from US Patent and Trademark Office

by John Carlo Bogayan


Emirates Steel, the only integrated steel plant in the UAE, has received two patents from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The patents reassures Emirates Steels’ standing as an innovative leader in the regional steel industry, with its commitment to build a culture of innovation in the UAE.

In line with the company’s vision, to lead both regional and international steel industry through innovative development. The Emirates Steel is looking forward to develop and enhance quality steel in the UAE, in which the company can offer top of the line products to customers around the world.

Moreover, these patents innovates power conversion and continuous casting methods to produce single casting strand. The first patent enables a method and a system for the control of a power converter, through using artificial intelligence to avoid electrical disturbances to manufacturing equipment. The innovation enables a higher stability of converting electricity from the power grid to manufacturing facilities, and has applications for the renewable energies industry alongside industrial applications.

Meanwhile, the second patent enables a more effective and stable production process which allows for a better quality of finished product.

“The approval of these two patents from the United States Patent and Trademark Office are a result of our continued investment in our people and our manufacturing facilities. Both innovations allow us to produce higher quality steel with reduced environmental impact, demonstrating our leadership of the regional steel sector,” Engr. Saeed Shurman Al Remeithi shared his thoughts upon receiving the patents.

“These patents not only demonstrate our company’s commitment to innovation, but highlight our wider efforts to contribute to the economic and social growth of the UAE by developing special capabilities within the non-oil sector. Emirates Steel is a committed partner in the diversification of the UAE economy, and the awarding of these patents highlights our success in this field as we strive to help build a knowledge-based economy within the UAE by fostering a culture of innovation,” he added.