Duterte to give Robredo 6 months of law enforcement powers

Photo: King Rodriguez, Presidential Photo

President Rodrigo Duterte said he is willing to give Vice President Leni Robredo 6 months of power to enforce the law in order to solve the drug problem in the country.

Duterte insisted that he would send a letter to Robredo informing her of his decision through Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea.

“I will surrender my powers to enforce the law to the vice president. Ibigay ko sa kanya mga 6 months,” he said in a speech at the Malacañang Palace.

“Siya ang magdala. Tingnan natin kung anong mangyari. Mas bright ka? Ikaw subukan mo,” he added.

Furthermore, Duterte slashed at Robredo saying she talks “nonsense” and lacks knowledge of the law.

However, Duterte clarified that he is not planning to give up his executive powers to Roboredo, rather temporarily designate the Vice President as the country’s anti-drug czar, so she can realize how hard it is to solve the drug problem in the Philippines.

“I do not surrender anything. I said if she wants I can commission her to be the drug czar. Marami na siyang reklamo dun sa labas, o sige sabi nya you have to redirect, or whatever. Ngayon mas marunong ka man sa akin, I’ll hand to you full powers sa drugs. I’ll give you 6 months, tignan natin kung kaya mo,” Duterte told reporters.

“I am ready to concede to you powers that would cover all anti-drug activities by the government. Siya pa-anuhin ko. Clean slate para malaman nya kung gaano kadali mag-kontrol ng droga,” he added.

Recently the vice President called on Duterte to let the United Nations investigate his war on drugs, which she further said “obviously, not working.”