Duterte to fly with P2-B presidential jet

Photo: Gulfstream Aerospace

President Rodrigo Duterte and other prominent officials of the Philippines will soon experience the luxurious $37 million military jet purchased from the United States.

After Duterte despised military equipment from the US, Arsenio Andolong, Department of National Defense (DND) spokesman, confirmed yesterday that two aircraft, a C295 and a G280, were bought by the Philippine Air Force.

He added that the billion-peso gulfstream G280 is brand new and “will primarily serve as platform to carry our senior leaders and commanders in the event of, for example, crisis situation.”

Moreover, the Isaraeli-built jet will be used by the chief of staff, the secretary of National Defense, major service commanders and the President.

According to Andolong, the procurement status of the C295 command and control aircraft, and the G280 are on set to contract implementation phase.

“In fact, the C295 is set to be delivered within the year and the G280 will be delivered sometime next year, in about August, and both aircraft will perform the functions of command control,” Andolong added.

He insisted that C295 is more suitable and equipped for maritime patrol missions as well as transporting supplies for troops. On the other hand, G280 is a smaller aircraft that can only carry as much as 10 personnel but glides faster and can be used as an airborne command post.

Andolong stated that it is unfair to call the G280 as a VIP or luxury aircraft, “because the purpose of the aircraft is for command and control.” In line with this, he admitted that it is classy than the usual, “a little more appointed than your average aircraft. But it will carry senior leaders so, of course, it’s designed to be a little more comfortable.”

Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana signed the P2-billion contract for the G280 in November 2018, DND reported.


Source: https://www.philstar.com/headlines/2019/10/08/1958368/duterte-military-vips-have-luxury-jet