Dubai Fitness Challenge motivates a man to stay away from junk food

Photo Credits: Khaleej Times

Rizwan Raza, an entrepreneur, urged others to promote healthy lifestyle by engaging to 30×30 workout and staying away from junk food. He said that fitness is a lifestyle and eating healthy is part of it. A father of two, Raza, has stayed away from junk food since the first time he took the Dubai Fitness Challenge.

“In fact, I have used the 30-day challenges in the past to start waking up at 5am; lose 10kg; start a blog; and start a side business,” he said.

Apart from the regular exercise, Raza insisted to resist the temptation against junk food.

Now that his lifestyle has changed, burgers are no longer in his food list and he also minimized the use of sugar. He also shared that he prefers home-cooked meals.

“Exercising or being active for 30 days is great but it’s not going to have any long-term benefits on your health unless it becomes part of your life. You have to make exercise and healthy eating a part of your daily or weekly routine,” Raza insisted.