Dubai 2nd best city for driving: Mister Auto

Photo Credits: Khaleej Times

A new study released by Mister Auto showed that Dubai is the second best city in the world to own a car. The study is based on the cities’ road congestion, road quality, annual road tax and low cost for fuel and parking and low road-rage incidents.

Motorists in Dubai pay less road tax than some of the other rich cities such as Perth, Calgary, Vienna, Singapore, London and Sydney, among others, according to 2019 Driving Cities Index by Mister Auto.

Furthermore, the study made by the French company highlighted that Dubai generates minimal road rage than other major cities like European, American and Canadian cities such as Calgary, Ottawa, Zurich, Perth, Vienna, Oslo, Frankfurt, Orlando and others.

Covering 100 cities, the city of Calgary in Canada is recognized to be the best city in the world for driving. Followed by Dubai, Ottawa, Bern, El Pasa, Vancouver, Gothenburg, Dusseldorf, Basel, and Dortmund.

On the other hand, the UAE scored low on air quality.