du partners with elite AI companies to provide AI-powered eHealth solutions

by John Carlo Bogayan


The goal to become the happiest country in the world, were the UAE currently ranks at 19th place, the Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC) introduced innovative Artificial Intelligence eHealth solutions during GITEX Technology Week.

With du’s partnership with the three best AI companies in the world, Infermedia, Infervision, and Enbisys, developing and reinforcing du’s eHealth strategy to mobilize and optimize UAE’s healthcare industry particularly increasing access, affordability, and efficiency for the people of the country.

“AI holds unlimited potential for serving breakthrough applications across all industries to solve some of society’s most confounding issues and challenges. The successful integration of AI technology in the UAE health-tech sector is set to have a profound impact on removing the current obstacles for addressing and solving patient wellbeing and physician efficiency. du is proud to be unlocking AI’s full potential to uncover new customer-centric use cases while empowering the nation on its digital transformation journey,” said Farid Faraidooni, Deputy CEO, EITC.

According to studies, at least 17% of the UAE population suffers from type 2 diabetes. With this AI innovation, diabetic retinopathy screening platform, doctors will earlier detect patients suffering from this illness.

Furthermore, Chinese technology company, Infervision, uses top of the line medical image analysis to develop diagnostic decision with regard to the communicable disease Tuberculosis.

Adding to the list, the time saver AI primary care symptom tracker chat bot, this invention prevents unnecessary appointments to the doctor, as this app enables user to comprehensively assess their health prior to meeting a doctor.

To conclude, these inventions will be integrated with the current healthcare systems making the transition from both patient and healthcare practitioner seamless and a convenient experience