Do Yourself a Favor, Get a Pet

by Noreen Arzadon

Writer’s eight year old pet, named Cutie/ Noreen Arzadon

You might wonder why? Why bother getting a pet in this day and age where most of us are just drowning in a pile of work and responsibilities each day. We might not know but having a pet helps us make each day bearable more than we ever know. So please do yourself a favor, get a pet.

Having a pet means earning a loyal friend and companion. There might be times when you’d find yourself troubled with human relationships. You know, the typical intrigues, gossips and other problems that tire our hearts out. Our pets, come in to the rescue as they give us more love, acceptance and never-ending loyalty.

Pets teach us so much about love and happiness more than we even know. We, humans have many things to handle in our lives. We have our work, friends, and family among many others. But our pets, only have us. Their entire lives focus on us and in making we feel loved and happy with them. In return of them receiving our love and care, they give us all the love they could ever give.

We learn so much about responsibility with getting ourselves a pet. Have you ever noticed a colleague who bails out on a night out because his pet is waiting to be fed at home? How about that one friend who stays home on a weekend to spend some play time with his dog? We might think that having a pet is all cute and fun but we must remember that it also entails a whole lot of responsibility from us to take good care of them. As we need to take them for regular veterinary check-ups, make sure their vaccines are up to date and that they are fed properly.

Pets also help us improve our health. They also need exercise and more often than not, our pets push us to move and go outside for a walk. My dog loves to walk and as much as I used to hate on going out early on a weekend because I tend to sleep in, my dog encouraged me to enjoy a good walk with her and exercise.

Pets train us to be more empathetic and compassionate. Having pets around allows us to show express our emotions better. They serve as recipients of our pent-up feelings that we hold back from other people. Learning from them, we may find ourselves becoming more compassionate individuals towards one another.